The Political Responsibilities Of Everyday Bystanders

The Political Responsibilities of Everyday Bystanders PDF
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Author: Stephen L. Esquith
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271036680
Size: 75.29 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 256
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In a world where every person is exposed daily through the mass media to images of violence and suffering, as most dramatically exemplified in recent years by the ongoing tragedy in Darfur, the question naturally arises: What responsibilities do we, as bystanders to such social injustice, bear in holding accountable those who have created the conditions for this suffering? And what is our own complicity in the continuance of such violence&—indeed, how do we contribute to and benefit from it? How is our responsibility as individuals connected to our collective responsibility as members of a society? Such questions underlie Stephen Esquith&’s investigation in this book. For Esquith, being responsible means holding ourselves accountable as a people for the institutions we have built or tolerated and the choices we have made individually and collectively within these institutional constraints. It is thus more than just acknowledgment; it involves settling accounts as well as recognizing our own complicity even as bystanders.

Manufactured Uncertainty

Manufactured Uncertainty PDF
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Author: Lorraine Code
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438480555
Size: 15.93 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 256
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Wide-ranging critique of the epistemological and ethical assumptions that underlie contemporary debates concerning climate change. In this provocative work, Lorraine Code returns to the idea of “epistemic responsibility,” as developed in her influential 1987 book of the same name, to confront the telling new challenges we now face to know the world with some sense of responsibility to other “knowers” and to the sustaining, nonhuman world. Manufactured Uncertainty focuses centrally on the environmental and cultural crises arising from postindustrial, man-made climate change, which have spawned new forms of passionately partisan social media that directly challenge all efforts to know with a sense of collective responsibility. How can we agree to act together, Code asks, even in the face of inevitable uncertainty, given the truly life-threatening stakes of today’s social and political challenges? How can we engage responsibly with those who take every argument for an environmentally grounded epistemology as an unacceptable challenge to their assumed freedoms, comforts, and “rights?” Through searching critical dialogue with leading epistemologists, cultural theorists, and feminist scholars, this book poses a timely challenge to all thoughtful knowers who seek to articulate an expanded and deepened sense of epistemic responsibility—to a human society and a natural world embraced, together, in the most inclusive spirit. Lorraine Code is Distinguished Research Professor Emerita of Philosophy at York University, Canada. She is the author of several books, including Epistemic Responsibility, also published by SUNY Press, and Ecological Thinking: The Politics of Epistemic Location.

Making The Case

Making the Case PDF
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Author: Heidi Grasswick
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438482396
Size: 42.21 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 360
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Analyzes the value of using case-based methodologies to address contemporary social justice issues in philosophy. Making the Case brings together established and emerging philosophers who use case studies to address a variety of contemporary social justice causes. The contributors show both the depth and breadth of work in this area and highlight the distinctive approaches that feminist and critical race theorists, in particular, have pursued. For these theorists, the choice of the kinds of cases analyzed matters, not only pushing philosophy as a field to foreground the challenges facing marginalized groups but also affecting the kind of philosophy that results. This ensures that their theories do not reproduce the conceptual frameworks of dominant groups. By using thickly described cases, as opposed to the thinly described or hypothetical situations that have been the historic mainstay of philosophy, the contributors strive to create philosophy that never strays too far from the complexities of people’s lives on the ground. The book provides philosophers with a host of methodologies, theories, and practical examples for use in social justice case work, with topics ranging from census design and gender bias in science to incarceration and the spate of recent police killings of black men and women. Heidi Grasswick is the George Nye and Anne Walker Boardman Professor of Mental and Moral Science at Middlebury College and the editor of Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science: Power in Knowledge. Nancy Arden McHugh is Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Wittenberg University and is the author of Feminist Philosophies A–Z and The Limits of Knowledge: Generating Pragmatist Feminist Cases for Situated Knowing, published by SUNY Press.

Encyclopedia Of Global Justice

Encyclopedia of Global Justice PDF
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Author: Deen K. Chatterjee
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402091591
Size: 23.32 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 1200
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This two-volume Encyclopedia of Global Justice, published by Springer, along with Springer's book series, Studies in Global Justice, is a major publication venture toward a comprehensive coverage of this timely topic. The Encyclopedia is an international, interdisciplinary, and collaborative project, spanning all the relevant areas of scholarship related to issues of global justice, and edited and advised by leading scholars from around the world. The wide-ranging entries present the latest ideas on this complex subject by authors who are at the cutting edge of inquiry. The Encyclopedia sets the tone and direction of this increasingly important area of scholarship for years to come. The entries number around 500 and consist of essays of 300 to 5000 words. The inclusion and length of entries are based on their significance to the topic of global justice, regardless of their importance in other areas.

Zwischen T Tern Und Opfern

Zwischen T  tern und Opfern PDF
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Author: Philipp Batelka
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3647300993
Size: 68.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : History
Languages : de
Pages : 309
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Wo kein Täter, da kein Opfer? Gewalttätige Auseinandersetzungen scheinen ohne die Zweierbeziehung zwischen Täter und Opfer kaum denkbar. Dennoch finden sich in der Geschichte immer wieder Konflikte, deren Verlauf, Komplexität und Überlieferung derart eindeutige Rollenzuteilungen nicht zulassen und darüber hinaus ohne den Dritten als Kategorie weder genau zu beschreiben noch schlüssig zu erklären sind. Im Mittelpunkt dieses Sammelbandes stehen Fragen danach, wie Täter zu Tätern werden und Opfer zu Opfern. Steht allein die Gewalt als Handlung im Vordergrund oder müssen zusätzliche Bedingungen erfüllt sein, um diese Rollen einnehmen zu können? Welchen Einfluss haben Rollenzuschreibungen auf die Selbstwahrnehmung und das Verhalten von Gruppen und Gemeinschaften? Können Täter zu Opfern werden und umgekehrt? Die Themen reichen von militärischen Einquartierungen, nordafrikanischen Korsaren und kroatischen Söldnern im 17. Jahrhundert über die Rolle von Dritten und Handlungstheorien in Gewaltsituationen, islamischen Konkubinen bis hin zu den Troubles im Irland der Zwischenkriegszeit.

Inherited Responsibility And Historical Reconciliation In East Asia

Inherited Responsibility and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia PDF
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Author: Jun-Hyeok Kwak
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135073058
Size: 10.48 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 192
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Contemporary East Asian societies are still struggling with complex legacies of colonialism, war and domination. Years of Japanese imperial occupation followed by the Cold War have entrenched competing historical understandings of responsibility for past crimes in Korea, China, Japan and elsewhere in the region. In this context, even the impressive economic and cultural networks that have developed over the past sixty years have failed to secure peaceful coexistence and overcome lingering attitudes of distrust and misunderstanding in the region. This book examines the challenges of historical reconciliation in East Asia, and, in doing so, calls for a reimagining of how we understand both historical identity and responsibility. It suggests that by adopting a ‘forward-looking’ approach that eschews obsession with the past, in favour of a reflective and deliberative engagement with history, real progress can be made towards peaceful coexistence in East Asia. With chapters that focus on select experiences from East Asia, while simultaneously situating them within a wider comparative perspective, the contributors to this volume focus on the close relationship between reconciliation and ‘inherited responsibility’ and reveal the contested nature of both concepts. Finally, this volume suggests that historical reconciliation is essential for strengthening mutual trust between the states and people of East Asia, and suggests ways in which such divisive legacies of conflict can be overcome. Providing both an overview of the theoretical arguments surrounding reconciliation and inherited responsibility, alongside examples of these concepts from across East Asia, this book will be valuable to students and scholars interested in Asian politics, Asian history and international relations more broadly.

Ethics Of Care

Ethics of care PDF
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Author: Barnes, Marian
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 1447323335
Size: 38.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Medical
Languages : en
Pages : 300
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Over the last 20 years there has been a flourishing of work on feminist care ethics. This collection makes a unique contribution to this body of work. The international contributors demonstrate the significance of care ethics as a transformative way of thinking across diverse geographical, policy and interpersonal contexts. From Tronto’s analysis of global responsibilities, to Fudge Schormans’ re-imagining of care from the perspective of people with learning disabilities, chapters highlight the necessity of thinking about the ethics of care to achieve justice and well-being within policies and practice. This book will be essential reading for all those seeking such outcomes.

Caring Democracy

Caring Democracy PDF
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Author: Joan C. Tronto
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814770347
Size: 58.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 256
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Americans now face a caring deficit: there are simply too many demands on people’s time for us to care adequately for our children, elderly people, and ourselves.At the same time, political involvement in the United States is at an all-time low, and although political life should help us to care better, people see caring as unsupported by public life and deem the concerns of politics as remote from their lives. Caring Democracy argues that we need to rethink American democracy, as well as our fundamental values and commitments, from a caring perspective. What it means to be a citizen is to be someone who takes up the challenge: how should we best allocate care responsibilities in society? Joan Tronto argues that we need to look again at how gender, race, class, and market forces misallocate caring responsibilities and think about freedom and equality from the standpoint of making caring more just.The idea that production and economic life are the most important political and human concerns ignores the reality that caring, for ourselves and others, should be the highest value that shapes how we view the economy, politics, and institutions such as schools and the family. Care is at the center of our human lives, but Tronto argues it is currently too far removed from the concerns of politics. Caring Democracy traces the reasons for this disconnection and argues for the need to make care, not economics, the central concern of democratic political life.

Just Responsibility

Just Responsibility PDF
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Author: Brooke A. Ackerly
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019066293X
Size: 57.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 312
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It has been well-established that many of the injustices that people around the world experience every day, from food insecurity to unsafe labor conditions and natural disasters, are the result of wide-scale structural problems of politics and economics. These are not merely random personal problems or consequences of bad luck or bad planning. Confronted by this fact, it is natural to ask what should or can we do to mitigate everyday injustices? In one sense, we answer this question when we buy the local homeless street newspaper, decide where to buy our clothes, remember our reusable bags when we shop, donate to disaster relief, or send letters to corporations about labor rights. But given the global scale of injustices related to poverty, environmental change, gender, and labor, can these individual acts really impact the seemingly intractable global social, political, and economic structures that perpetuate and exacerbate them? Moreover, can we respond to injustices in the world in ways that do more than just address their consequences? In this book, Brooke A. Ackerly both answers the question of what should we do, and shows that it's the wrong question to ask. To ask the right question, we need to ground our normative theory of global justice in the lived experience of injustice. Using a feminist critical methodology, she argues that what to do about injustice is not just an ethical or moral question, but a political question about assuming responsibility for injustice, regardless of our causal responsibility and extent of our knowledge of the injustice. Furthermore, it is a matter that needs to be guided by principles of human rights. As she argues, while many understand human rights as political goals or entitlements, they can also guide political strategy. Her aims are twofold: to present a theory of what it means to take responsibility for injustice and for ensuring human rights, as well as to develop a guide for how to take responsibility in ways that support local and global movements for transformative politics. In order to illustrate her theory and guide for action, Ackerly draws on fieldwork on the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, the food crisis of 2008, and strategies from 125 activist organizations working on women's and labor rights across 26 countries. Just Responsibility integrates these ways of taking political responsibility into a rich theory of political community, accountability, and leadership in which taking responsibility for injustice itself transforms the fabric of political life.

The Ethical Dimensions Of Global Development

The Ethical Dimensions of Global Development PDF
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Author: Verna V. Gehring
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742549623
Size: 11.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 96
View: 5233

As a broad concept, 'globalization' denotes the declining significance of national boundaries. At a deeper level, globalization is the proposition that nation-states are losing the power to control what occurs within their borders and that what transpires across borders is rising in relative significance. The Ethical Dimensions of Global Development: An Introduction, the fifth book in Rowman & Littlefield's Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy Studies series, discusses key questions concerning globalization and its implications, including: Can general ethical principles be brought to bear on questions of globalization? Do economic development and self-government require a duty of care? Is economic destiny crucial to individual autonomy? This collection provides readers with current information and useful insights into this complex topic.